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5 Fitness tests you can do today

10 Ways to Wake Up Gorgeous

10 Ways to Wake Up Gorgeous

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Sometimes looking in the mirror first thing in the morning can be… challenging. Messy hair, dark circles, puffy face. Unless you’re Karlie Kloss, chances are it’s not a pretty sight. But it doesn’t have to be that way, check out our tips for looking sexy when you wake up—even if it’s 6 AM.

1. Change Your Sleep Style

Bad news for stomach sleepers.
The average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds—that’s a lot of pressure to be putting on your face night after night. In fact, most dermatologists can tell what side of the face you’re sleeping on by the number of wrinkles there. Eek.
If you just can’t sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side with a body pillow. Your face won’t be as smashed into the pillow.
For those of you who are fortunate enough to be back-sleepers, try throwing an extra pillow under your head. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won't accumulate. In other words, wake up without any puff in your eyes.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

Long gone are the days of sitting around waiting for sticky strips to whiten your teeth. Products like Crest Night Effects are formulated for nighttime use. Simply paint a bit of the product on each of your “smile teeth” and wake up with a whiter smile.

3. Moisturize Your Feet

What better time to sleep with comfy socks than winter? Slick a coat of super thick moisturizer onto feet—or even better, Aquafor or Vaseline. Slip on socks to lock in moisture. Feet will be pedicure-soft in the morning. 
If you’re a deep sleeper, you can also apply lotion to your hands and wear gloves while you sleep. You may feel silly, but you will wake up with hands that are soft and beautiful.

4. Try Frownies

Wearing Frownies—which you would never wear in public—while you sleep helps prevent lines and wrinkles around the eye and mouth areas. Of course, you can stick to your regular ol’ night cream, but chances are it rubs off during the night.

5. Add Volume

Piling hair on to the top of your head with a soft hair tie (scrunchie, anyone?) will add major volume in the morning.  Be sure to use something soft to pull hair up to avoid crimping and kinking. 

6. Treat Your Hair While You Sleep

Once a week, try sleeping with a deep conditioner or night-time treatment on your hair. 
Frederic Fekkai’s Nightime Follicle Boosting Treatment claims to energize the hair follicle with oxygen, marine glycogen, and caffeine while you sleep to stimulate the growth of thicker, fuller hair

7. Wake Up Glowing

Mix in a drop of self-tanner with your night cream, or try using a moisturizer that already contains a bit of tanner. This is best done a solid hour before bed, so nothing rubs off when you sleep. 

8. Sleep on Satin

To minimize the dreaded morning bed-head, sleep on a satin pillowcase, or tie a silk scarf around your hair. It’s a much softer material than cotton, so there's less friction to cause frizz.

9. Sleep in Your Makeup

You heard us. Bare Escentuals’s Rare Minerals line makes a Skin Revival Treatment, which is basically a foundation that treats skin. Said to renew skin, fight lines, and reduce pores, this is one makeup you can fall asleep while wearing.

10. Lash Out

Said to increase the appearance of lash length by 152 percent (!), Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancer is the perfect before-bed eye treatment. The best part? The $65 price tag is a lot more affordable than Latisse.

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How to revive your sex drive


"I'm tired." "I have a headache." "There are too many other things to do." Sound familiar? They're all common excuses people give to avoid having sex. But like proper nutrition and getting enough exercise, engaging in regular love making with your partner is an important and vital part of one's overall health. To understand why libido is so important, and how we can get the va-va-va-voom back in the bedroom, we talked to Toronto-based leading occupational and sex therapist Kelli Young.

Liven Up Sex Life

Libido can wax and wane -- when to worry

SheKnows: What exactly is libido?

Kelli Young: Libido refers to one's sex drive or appetite for sexual activity, either alone or with a partner. A woman's libido encompasses her sexual thoughts, fantasies, desires and interest in engaging in sexual behaviors.

SK: Is there such thing as a normal sex drive?

KY: In a word… no. There really is no such thing as a "normal" sex drive. Women vary greatly in their desire for sex. It is not uncommon to experience a temporary decline in sex drive and, in fact, many women do at various times in their lives.

SK: When should a woman worry about her libido?

KY: If a woman notices that this drop in sex drive persists, or that her formerly normal sex drive is gone completely, it may be cause for concern. In medical terms, low sex drive, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder, is defined as a persistent or recurrent lack of sexual fantasies, thoughts and/or interest in sexual activity that causes personal distress. Women experiencing low desire may notice signs such as: a decline in the frequency of sexual thoughts and fantasies; reduced sexual desire; reluctance to initiate or engage in sex; and less frequent masturbation.

Many factors dampen sexual desire

SK: What can affect a woman's sex drive? Why does it change?

KY: All women will notice natural and normal fluctuations in their sexual appetites over time. Many of these changes result from hormonal fluctuations (during menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, etc.) and may affect a woman's body image and self-image (she may feel less desirable or sexy, and, in turn, less sexual).
Lack of arousal can also be associated with insufficient vaginal lubrication, which can lead to vaginal irritation or pain and may even trigger vaginal or urinary tract infections. When sex is unfulfilling or painful, a woman is unlikely to desire it, and she may begin to fear or avoid it.
Many physical and mental illnesses can negatively affect a woman's libido, as can the medications often used to treat these illnesses. Several medications have serious sexual side effects.
Lifestyle, nutrition and stress level can also play a role in dampening sexual desire. The demands of juggling work, family and other responsibilities can be exhausting and overwhelming; there may be little energy and enthusiasm left for sex. Negative sexual experiences can also impact a woman's enjoyment of and desire for sex. Finally, relationship problems and difficulties in communication can have a major detrimental influence on a woman's sex drive.

Natural ways to liven your libido

SK: How can a woman increase her libido/sex drive?

KY: There are some relatively simple steps women can take to improve their libido.
These may include:
  1. Talk to a doctor. Consult with a medical and/or naturopathic professional who can test for, and treat, potential underlying illnesses or physiological causes of low libido. If you are prescribed medications, be sure to discuss possible sexual side effects. Sometimes, an equally effective medication can be prescribed that has fewer (or no) sexual side effects.
  2. Consider a natural libido supplement. Many women have noted significant improvement in vaginal lubrication and sensitivity while using a natural libido supplement, such as FemMED'sLibido formula.
  3. Get to know your own body, sexually. Self-stimulation (masturbation) can be an excellent way for a woman to develop a good understanding of the types of stimulation she finds arousing.
  4. Use a water-based lubricant. Even if you have adequate natural lubrication, the extra slipperiness afforded by a water-based lubricant can be highly arousing for women and their partners!
  5. Make lifestyle adjustments. Moderate exercise and a healthy diet are vital to maintaining a good sex drive. Chronic dieting can have a devastating impact on your energy level, metabolism and body image. Moreover, diets that are very low in fat are particularly problematic because your body needs some fat to make hormones such as testosterone, a hormone essential for sexual drive and response. Yoga, mindful meditation and courses in assertiveness and stress management can also help women acquire important tools to deal with the daily stressors that can dampen one's sexual desire.
  6. Do Kegels. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can improve sensation and enhance sexual pleasure. (Your guide to Kegels)
  7. Address relationship issues. The quality of a relationship, particularly a couple's communication, has a significant impact on their sexual satisfaction.
  8. Seek counseling when necessary.At times, it may be helpful to seek counseling from a sex therapist or couples counselor skilled in addressing sexual issues.

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How to find the right pair of shades for your face shape

Woman putting on sunglasses


Shopping for a pair of sunglasses is a whole lot like shopping for a pair of jeans: Not every style is going to flatter your shape, but once you figure out what works for you, it's all smooth sailing from there! Our experts help you meet your perfect match with these easy-to-follow tips.1

1 An oval face

An Oval Face
Lucky you! According to Kevin Hundert, founder of made eyewear (an online eyewear brand launching this summer), oval is the most versatile face shape for picking sunglasses. "As long as the size of the frame is proportional to your face, it's hard to go wrong,” he says. “If you're feeling bold, even oversized sunnies can look great on you.”

 2 A round face
A Round Face
To offset the roundness of your face, Kevin suggests opting for sunglasses with an angular shape. Do not — we repeat — do not buy round frames! "Frames that are barely wider than your face can also make it appear smaller,” adds fashion stylist and blogger Illysia Neumann-Loreck


A long face

A Long Face
Have a long, thin face like Liv Tyler or Sarah Jessica Parker? Illysia recommends sticking to square or rectangular sunglasses, which will minimize the length of your face.


A square face

A Square Face
"The strategy behind selecting shades for a square face is the exact opposite of a round one,” notes Kevin. You want to balance out all that square-ness with a curved or rounded frame. "Steer clear of any sharp designs that will accentuate the angles in your face,” warns Illysia.

A heart-shaped face

A Heart-Shaped Face
People with heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads and small chins. Thus, their sunglasses shouldn't be much wider than their temples, advises Illysia. "Don't go too big with your shades or you'll attract attention to your forehead,” she cautions.


A diamond-shaped face

A Diamond-Shaped Face
Elizabeth Hurley is the prime example of a celebrity with a diamond-shaped face. Her forehead and chin are narrow, while her cheekbones are wide. Sunglasses that extend out further on the top as opposed to the bottom, like cat-eye shades or aviators, will complement this face shape best, informs Illysia.

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How safe are lash extensions?

How safe are lash extensions?

16 Rich and Luscious Shades of Brown Hair to Consider

16 Rich and Luscious Shades of Brown Hair to Consider

By Renee Summa
Long Auburn Style Brown Hair with Curls and Waves
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
If you have light eyes, especially with a green tint, this color will make them sparkle! Unsure about trying red? This is the color for you because it fits almost any skin tone! Opt for something with more brown if you have dark tan skin.

Copper Brown Beauty

Loose curls show off the copper tones in this stunning shade!
Copper Brown Hair Beauty Medium Wavy Style Copper Brown Hair Beauty Medium Wavy Style Front View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
A light to medium tan tone is ideal for wearing this hair color since the copper tones play so well off the subtle warmth of the skin. Curly haired beauties will have the easiest time styling to get this look, but if you have straight hair, never fear! A quick once-over with a one-inch barrel curling iron will give you the body you need.

Sunlit Brown

Copper highlights throughout give this deep neutral brown some dimension. A piecy fringe brings attention to the eyes as it falls just below the eyebrows.
Medium Brown Red Style with Bangs Medium Brown Red Style with Bangs Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
This cut is perfect on straight medium textured hair, but can be worn in wavy or curly hair too with a more flirty feel! Copper highlights through the crown beautifully enhance the eyes and cheekbones. Try this color if you have light skin with peach or other warm undertones.

Brunette Balayage

Gorgeous medium brown balayage highlights on a dark brown base give these curls extra dimension! On the flip side, this color and length would also look amazing if worn straight.
Brunette Balayage Medium Style Brunette Balayage Medium Style Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
This color combination is worn best by those with medium and slightly warm skin tones. The best hair type for this style is relaxed, though super curly or kinky hair can be styled this way with an iron as well.
Hair that has not been relaxed can handle a higher heat setting, but always make sure to use a salon professional heat protecting product on hair prior to curling.

Angled Attitude

Here is a warm medium brown complemented by subtle golden highlights. There’s tons of texture going on in this amazing angled bob! This look is perfect for those who want a finished style that doesn’t require too much work in the morning.
Angled Attitude Warm Medium Brown Hair
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The tone of these two colors can do wonders to brighten up a pale complexion. This hair color wears well on those with light neutral or slightly warm complexions who have straight or very slightly wavy hair. Those with curly hair can wear this cut as well, but will require a lot of flat ironing to achieve to exact style.
This cut can be worn curly too if you are going for a maintenance-free coif this season!

Two Timing

Here we have a warm brown hair color underneath topped off with a veil of neutral medium blonde on a long layered cut.
Two Timing Super Long Layered Look
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Do you have long hair and a love for both brown and blonde, but can’t decide which to wear? This color option is perfect for you! Best worn against light to medium neutral or cool skin tones, this sexy style requires long layers and a cheekbone-skimming side-swept fringe. This cut is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair and either fine, medium or coarse hair.
I’d recommend those with fine hair to go a little easy on the layering so the hair keeps its fullness at the ends. Those with coarse hair should get a little extra layering or thinning to keep the style manageable.

Reverse Ombré

In this look, a subtly lighter color at the outgrowth melts into a reverse ombré with deep brown reaching through the long layers to the ends.
Reverse Ombre Long Brown Hair Parted Style
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The best skin tone for this color is medium with warm, neutral or cool tones. Adjusting the tone of the colors, which means adjusting how much warmth or coolness they contain, will help you to pick the perfect complementary shades. This style can be worn on fine, medium or coarse wavy hair.
Want this look but have straight hair? Simply curl with a 1-inch diameter barrel curling iron!

Nearly Black Magic

Deep brown that is nearly black shows tons of shine on a long layered cut with layers around the face, bringing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.
Long Black Brown Hair Style with Layers
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
I recommend this color for those with lighter complexions. The contrast will look beautiful and look especially gorgeous on those with light colored eyes. Try this cut on hair that is medium texture and straight or has just a bit of wave.

Copper Top

I love this gorgeous copper brown from roots to mid-lengths finished with a deep rich brown at the ends of a one length cut, with just a bit of razored texture throughout.
Copper Top Straight Long Brown Hair Look
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Medium tan skin tones will look best in this super long, multi-toned hairstyle. Straight or relaxed hair texture is best as this extra-long length can be hard to manage on wavy or curly hair.
Brunettes will be bombshells too in any of these amazing brown hair color combinations! My clients love to change up their look from time to time, and so should you. Keep it fresh and fun and always accessorize with a smile!

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13 Hair Colors That Will Make You Want to Get Lowlights Right Now

13 Hair Colors That Will Make You Want to Get Lowlights Right Now

By Tanya Ramirez 
October 30, 2013

Lowlights can be a bit of a mystery…what are they and how do I get them? Simply put, think of them as reverse highlights.  Lowlights do the opposite of highlights and create depth and dimension to your hair. These accents are typically darker than your base color and can be used to contrast overly-highlighted hair, create multi-tonal looks or create a new shape via color blocking.
You can be as creative as you like! Create a soft effect lowlight by using shades within one to two levels of your base color. Create a high contrast lowlight with shades that are within three to four levels of your base color. Get creative and try a blend of the two for multi-tonal hair color. Take a cue from Mother Nature and choose a blend of warm and cool tones for a naturally balanced look. Too much warmth can cause your look to go brassy. By contrast, too much coolness and you risk looking drab and flat. Talk to your stylist about your color goals and take your look to the next level. Explore our lowlight options to help transition your hair color from season to season!


Summertime can brighten up your blonde more expected. Add fine streaks of honey blonde and sandy tones. They’ll not only provide beautiful dimension, but will make your existing blonde tones pop.
Golden Hues Lowlights
Golden Hues Lowlights Back View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The natural golden tones of this blonde shade best suits a slightly pink/peach complexion. Naturally light, fine hair (level 9 and up) benefit most from level 7-8 lowlights.
Try this simple low ponytail with a slight twist for a classy ‘do.


Transition your summer golden blonde with this ‘grown-out’ look by adding lowlights that match your base color. This is a great way to get a little taste of ombré without making a major change.
Autumn Blonde Lowlights
Autumn Blonde Lowlights Back View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The warmth of this blonde best suits a slightly golden/peach complexion. Naturally light, fine hair (level 7 and up) can achieve this shade easily.
Create long, beautiful waves using a large barrel iron (vertical position) and loosen them using your fingertips.


Here, a cool, beige-y blonde gets a ‘root-y’ lowlight for extra contrast. This is a great alternative to highlighting mousy blonde hair.
Cool Hue Beigey Blonde Lowlights
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The cool tone of this blonde best suits a slightly yellow/golden complexion. Naturally light, fine hair (level 7 and up) benefits from level 5-6 rich lowlights.
Boost fine hair with a little backcombing and by adding full curls.


Medium golden brunette lowlights offer gentle contrast to light, golden blonde highlights. These shades boost fullness and add dimension to finely textured hair.
Sandy Bronde with Lowlights
Sandy Bronde with Lowlights Back View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The cool gold tone of this ‘bronde’ (brown/blonde) best suits a slightly yellow/golden complexion. Medium light brown, fine hair (level 7 and up) benefits from level 5-6 lowlights.
Create soft, loose waves to accent this hue by wrapping strands around a large barrel curling iron.


Pair a statement cut with some color-blocking. Bright copper tones balance nicely with a rich, neutral chocolate hue to provide a lovely face frame.
Choco Copper Lowlights
Choco Copper Lowlights Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The warmth of this shade balances a neutral/golden complexion. Medium brunette hair (level 5) works best with this look.
A slick, geometric cut is a great way to showcase color-blocked hair.


Accent bright red hair with a deep berry red tone to bring new life to your hair. This is a great way to change up your look without changing your overall color scheme.
Auburn Delight Lowlights
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The richness of this red best suits a golden/peach complexion. Medium warm hair (level 6) is a great foundation for this hue.
Slight, cascading waves give this rich dimensional red the illusion of a waterfall.


Brunettes can have fun, too! Going darker doesn’t mean adding black streaks to your hair. Get inspired with rich hints of bordeaux that softly peek through to catch the light.
Hint of Bordeaux Lowlights
Hint of Bordeaux Lowlights Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
This rich brunette hue works nicely with a pale yellow/peach complexion. Medium brown hair (level 5) works well with these shades.
Keep the focus on you by only accenting the fringe and face frame.


When darkness is what you crave, adding deep, cool brown or black lowlights offers a high contrast effect to warm brunette hair.
Raven Hair with Lowlights
Raven Hair with Lowlights Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The warmth of this brunette tone suits a yellpw/peach complexion. Medium brunette hair (level 6) benefits from a blend of natural and cool toned hair.
Keep styling simple with a sleek finish to really showcase the placement of this color blend.


When you want a bit of everything, make a statement with a myriad to hues. In this look, chunky lowlights create bold contrast to lighter strands.
Chunky Lights Bold Contrast
Chunky Lights Bold Contrast Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The coolness of this color blend works best with a golden/peach complexion. Medium brunette hair (level 5 and up) benefits from this multi-dimensional look.
A playful half-up/half-down look is a perfect way to show off the interplay of these tones.


Golden strawberry lowlights offer just the right touch of warmth to ultra-light, cool blonde hair. The contrast is soft and makes your eyes stand out.
Strawberry Glow Ultra Cool Blonde
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The interplay of warm and cool blonde tones best suits a slightly pink/peach complexion. Naturally light, fine hair (level 7 and up) benefits from added warmth for a youthful glow.
A gently tousled bun is a sweet style to balance these tones.


Bold, red accent lowlights make a serious fashion statement. Keep the placement minimal and around the face for maximum effect.
Auburn Pop Bold Highlights
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
This neutral red streak balances against warm blonde and best suits a yellow/peach complexion. Medium brown hair (level 6 and up) can work well for this bold look.
A sleek chignon or low bun is a great look to show off the bold placement of these colors.


Mimic the glorious fall shades created by Mother Nature. Get inspired by the changing fall foliage and natural elements to create a new look. This multi-tonal look features deep golden tones inter-mixed with bright copper and deep brown tones.
Fall Foliage Lowlights Pretty Shades
Fall Foliage Pretty Shades Side View
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
The complexity of these tones can suit a yellow/pink/peach complexion. Medium brown hair (Level 6) is a great base to create these shades.
This cute hairstyle really showcases this creative hair color scheme!
Take a look around you and get inspired by the changing tones of the fall/winter color palette. Pick lowlights that best match your personality, whether subtle or bold, to create a hair color that is uniquely yours.

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